Receive live-Images from your Android-phone over the internet

Just start AndIPCamViewer, put your IP in AndIPCam and off you go.

- receives images from AndIPCam over the internet and displays them
- determines the public IP if needed
- Images can be saved automatically

- computer with installed Java-Runtime (for starting AndIPCamViewer)
- Android-phone for sending the live-images
- internet-connection or WIFI-connection

- start AndIPCamViewer.jar with doubleclick or with command line: "java -jar AndIPCamViewer.jar"

- if the images should be saved automatically choose "save" and select the destination with the button "Path"
- if needed change the port (may need to be enabled in your router)
- the programm is ready to receive images, when you push "Start"
- "Check" determines your public IP
- in AndIPCam you use this IP-adress and the port (with "Remoteviewer" in "Upload")

AndIPCamViewer downloads:
runnable .jar-File (Java)
For suggestions and questions you can mail me: